Friday, September 27, 2013

Big E, Bad Makeup and Battling Lip Syncers

I spent the day with my family at the Big E today. I was in boy mode, though my heart was in girl mode.

Not much to report trans-wise except for the sighting of a woman with a very visible five o'clock shadow showing through her make-up. Too bad because she was attractive sans the beard.

I did a lot of people-watching and noticed the women who did a poorly job with their makeup. (How could you walk out of the house like that?) The biggest faux pas I noticed were women using the wrong shade of foundation. One young woman in particular looked awful --- here face was a yellowish brown and the rest of her visible skin was her natural skin color, which was not a yellowish brown

I have been on vacation this week and have been watching more late night television that is normally past my bed time when I am working. I particularly like Jimmy Fallon's show. I don't know if the "Lip Sync Battle" is a regular feature of his show, but I really enjoyed the Wednesday night Lip Sync Battle between Fallon, Stephen Merchant, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I just found a video of that Lip Sync Battle and I am passing the link on to you for your enjoyment.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The other great foundation faux-pas is the visible tidemark on the neck, seen that plenty.

  2. Thank you, Stana, and I hope your weekend is also a good one!

  3. Stana, I missed you by a day at the BigE (as if we would have run into each other with 10's of thousands there). I didn't see any sisters there though but frankly with so many people there one couldn't watch anyone for more than about a half a second without running into someone. I hope you saw the Mutts gone Nutts show :)

  4. So Awesome! So Stana worthy!

  5. the key to any good makeup app is blend girl blend. Shaving, acap helps to, aoap

  6. The female dub of that clip made it entertaining, especially the nicki minaj (he really got into it). If I didn't have so many shows in my DVR (already feel glued to my TV) I'd totally watch fallon more. His timberlake tuesdays are incredible.