Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Pictures

Actor Dave Foley femulating on a Halloween episode of television's Newsradio in 1996.

Source: Boston Proper

Wearing Boston Proper.


  1. What can one say about Dave Foley femulating? As a woman he had the manner to perfection and also the build and the looks. Could pass anywhere and was probably saying he was reluctant to do drag and didn't enjoy the clothes, and to try to prove it he grew a beard. Do I hear a shrink commenting about being in denial?

  2. Dave Foley looks absolutely stunning as a woman!

    Kudos to you, Stana, for finding him and posting his pics.

  3. IIRC in that episode (which I may still have on tape!) his gf in the first panel complained he looked better in her dress than she did!

  4. Love this show, love this episode, and LOVE how Dave Foley looks in drag. VERY believable, very natural. I hate him! (~~giggle~~ Just kidding!)