Saturday, January 26, 2013

Take For Granted

IMG_3742_cropped_web When I write about my experiences out en femme, I take some things for granted because I have gone out en femme so often and am very comfortable doing it.

However, I may be letting you readers down because I am leaving out those things I take for granted. I don't want to do that, so if there is anything you would like me to expand upon, please let me know and I will gladly write about it. Also, if there are any topics you would like me to address, I am very willing to consider your suggestions.

Please leave your wish list as a comment below or e-mail it to me directly via stana-stana @ I look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a photo of me wearing the other dress I purchased at DressBarn on Wednesday.


  1. I love your site! I would be interested whether you have done anything about your voice, and if so what I know that my voice generally gives me away, but generally women are more social especially with other women. I feel inhibited though, but i dont feel natural trying to speak girlishly. I would be interested in your experiences.

  2. I hear you Stana, It (being out and out in public) being part of my life for so long I do take things for granted as well. I was holding 3 or four conversations just today with women I was interacting with and I took them for granted, well partly. As such, I think those minuet details incidental to life are valuable for others to hear. Now I know it's not always easy to create and interesting storyline that includes each and every detail of that experience. And we do appreciate your do diligence in providing daily happenings in your life. Which is often enough to get some girl motivated to be their inner girl. I think something that would be welcomed would be if you editorialized on what your perceptions were of a particular femulated day and the interactions with others in greater detail. What do you perceive they perceive of that moment? Speculation can be so much fun!

  3. you always talk about how often you go out, that you dont like men, that you are married but you never mention how your wife deals / handles your girl side. does she participate etc...

    just curious


  4. Stana, you often describe your clothes shopping excursions and I'm wondering two things: 1) Is the shopping more about being out and about in public "en femme" than it is about buying new clothes (since you could have dresses made and would have not of the challenges of finding dresses or coats with long enough sleeves)?; and 2) where would you most like to be able to go en femme other than shopping: e.g., work on a daily basis, on vacation (other than P-town), no place in particular?

  5. I would like to no how you feel your experiences,out in fem. differ from someone like me,who is transgendered and lives 24/7 as a woman.

  6. Stana,
    One of the chalenges of going out en femme and blending in as best we can, it to adopt feminine mannerisms. If you are aiming to use your fine examples of going out and about, maybe a word about re-socializing your self to the feminine might be useful.


  7. Are you in a hotel room in ththis picture.