Wednesday, January 9, 2013

12 Universally Flattering Styles for Women (and Men Emulating Women)

IMG_2846_cropped_web"12 things that look good on every women" is a slideshow on The Huffington Post. The 12 universally flattering styles for women should work for every man emulating a woman, too.

As a long-time femulator, here is my take on the dozen styles.

1.  White Button-Down Shirts --- I never had one in my female wardrobe, but I have a few on the other side of my closet that might work en femme.

2.  Wrap Dresses --- Yes! I never look bad in a wrap dress. Wraps and shifts (Item 6) are my go-to dress styles.

3.  Trench Coats --- I never owned a trench coat in girl or boy mode, but will now consider one next time I am coat shopping.

4.  Black Pumps --- Probably half the pumps I own are black.

5.  Sunglasses --- I own a few pairs, but don't wear them often enough. I plan to change my ways.

6.  Shift Dresses --- Ditto Item 2. I never look bad in a shift (see photo).

7.  Monochromatic Outfits --- This is a look I never considered, although I may have unintentionally worn; now it's on my to-do list.

8.  Statement Necklaces --- I have recently begun wearing statement necklaces and having a lot of fun with the look.

9.  Natural Hair Color --- Been gray so long that I don't remember my natural hair color!

10.  Blush --- I always use blush, but I have not always used it correctly. Bottom line: a little goes a long way.

11.  Red Lipstick --- Is there any other color of lipstick!

12.  Fake Eyelashes --- I am becoming a big fan of fake lashes especially after I found lashes that are not over the top that I can wear everyday.

I recommend viewing the slideshow. Some slides have useful links that expand on the topic being addressed.


  1. Hi Stana.

    I really like your blog and i've been reading it since quite a few months but this will be my first comment.

    I read the list and viewed the slideshow and I must admit that i have tried everything on the list but Items 2 and 9. Although i own a good amount of nice dresses for being a CD i don't have any that could be categorized as a "wrap dress". And since i keep my hair short there is no chance for me to go out with my natural hair...

    anyway, i think that 10/12 is a good score for a CD. Does it mean that i'm femulating at a good level?


  2. I viewed the HuffPost slideshow and agree, eyes that pop and lips heavily painted red! Is there another way to do it?

    I wish to say, you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit!

    1. Thank you, Billie. That is one of my favorite dresses!