Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Starla produced another batch of femulation images she discovered in online high school yearbooks and I uploaded the 73 images to flickr today.

David Guerra (photo above), a Miami Beach High School student circa 1995, gets my vote for HSFMLTSBFT, that is, High School Femulator Most Likely To Still Be Femulating Today. Doesn't Miss Guerra look amazing in that Halloween costume! WOW!

To view all the new additions to the Yearbook Femulations Collection:

Method 1: Open one of the Yearbooks sets (A through Z) and you will find the newest uploads at the end/bottom of the set. (The oldest uploads appear at the beginning/top of the set.)

Method 2: Open my photostream and you will find the newest uploads at the top of page 1. The uploads get older as the page numbers get higher with the oldest uploads on the last page.
By the way, the contents of the Yearbook A through Z sets are organized according to school name, for example, the photos from Hard Knox High School would be in the Yearbooks H set.


  1. These HS pics are good but not as good as some of the Pageant pics.
    There are some Balls and events in New Orleans around Mardi Gras where guys dress en femme. It would be great if some of yor contributors or resources to see wat could be developed on tat scene.
    Just a suggestion for your great blog?

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Alice. I have been known to post photos of pageants and balls in the past and will very likely do so in the future.