Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Femulating Ken


When I was a young girly-boy home alone, instead of dressing myself in my mother’s and sister's clothing, for a change of pace I dressed my sister's Ken doll in Barbie's clothes.

Barbie’s clothes sort of fit Ken, but Ken lacked Barbie’s figure and corsetting Ken was ineffective. Also Ken’s feet were stuck in the flat-shoe position, so he could not wear Barbie’s heels. The lack of makeup and a wig all added up to a bad femulation. As a result, I only force-feminized Ken once or twice.

Since then, I have encountered a few Ken femulations on the Internet; some better than others. After I posted one of his better femulation's here on Saturday, Lynn sent me a heads-up about another Ken femulation that is probably the best one I have ever seen.

Barbara Healey went all-out to dress Ken as a Mardi Gras queen. Her creation even wore breast forms and won a first place ribbon and the People's Choice award at the 2005 International Fashion Doll Convention.

And there's more: Barbara's husband agreed to dress as the femulated Ken at the Convention's Mardi Gras Banquet and he won the costume prize at that event!

Good show!


  1. Too bad she didn't post Hubby's photo as well!

    1. But she did. Click on "to dress as the femulated Ken" in the next to last paragraph of the post.