Thursday, January 31, 2013

It is hard work being a woman every day

Sept_2004I continue addressing the questions and suggestions readers sent me in response to my call for topics that they would like me to write about or expand upon.

Diane Leonard of TG Captions fame wrote, "You always talk about how often you go out, that you don't like men, that you are married, but you never mention how your wife deals/handles your girl side, does she participate, etc."

You may have misinterpreted something I wrote or I did not write something clearly. In either case, I don't dislike men. Some of my best friends are men. I am not a big fan of machismo and don't like men who act macho, but in general, I get along with guys. And without guys, there would be no such thing as femulation!

My wife is a saint.

She has little interest in my "girl side" except for my excellent fashion sense. Years ago, she attended one support group meeting and one support group banquet with me en femme and that has been the extent of her participation with Stana.

She realizes that Stana is real and she does not interfere with my need to be Stana. I appreciate that and as a result, I don't live 24/7 as a woman and only femulate once or twice per month.

Shelle asked, "I would like to know how you feel your experiences out en femme differ from someone like me who is transgendered and lives 24/7 as a woman."

I have lived 24/7 as a woman for short extended periods of time.

One difference between those extended 24/7 experiences versus "a day out en femme" is that during a 24/7 experiences, a lot that is special about being a woman during a day out en femme becomes routine over an extended period of time.

It is hard work being a woman every day and I am not sure most guys are up to it, but I would love to try it for a long extended period of time... like maybe the next 40 years.


  1. Stana - I think Diane probably meant you do not like men sexually... in the same way a gay man can have a number of woman friends, but he does not LIKE women.

  2. Stana -

    I could also get into a 40 year extended period of 24/7....


  3. I agree with Fiona, I think that this was the gist of the question. Our wives are often forgotten when we indulge in our dressing, those who "put up" with us are I suspect saints, at very least unsung heroines, it can't be easy for them.
    By the was nice white dress.

  4. I am very interested in finding out more about your experience when you said, "I have lived 24/7 as a woman for short extended periods of time." I also had spent some time as a woman 24/7 a number of years was a product of my being madly in love with a boy (only time I was ever attracted to a guy), and not having money to pay for both grad school tuition and rent. I kinda just ended up being his live-in girlfriend for a few months.