Friday, January 4, 2013

More Femulating on Japan TV

Preface: The information contained in this post is based on sketchy information and includes some assumptions primarily due to the language barrier.

London Hearts is a Japanese practical joke reality television show that has been on the air for over ten years. According to Wikipedia, “It features ordinary members of the public who are 'set up' using actors and hidden cameras. It also features celebrities.”

Femulating was an ingredient of the show at least once.

In the episode photographed below, three males are meticulously dressed as women and presented à la The Dating Game to an unsuspecting male.





  1. I'd love to be on that the lucky guy who got to choose one of those beauties.

  2. Dear Stana,

    As you probably know, there are a few crossdressing reality shows in the Orient -- including Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Apparantly, they are regular weekly series. Exactly like the University of the Philippines MISS ENGINEERING concept, they get heterosexual non-transgendered good looking young men, and transform them into really beautiful women. (Of course, probably 5 to 10 percent of the contestants are probably secret crossdressers). Slim, good looking Asian men seem to be able to be transformed into gorgeous women more easily than other ethnicities. One of the TV series is called (apparently) CROSSDRESS PARADISE. There are quite a few YouTube videos of these shows (although the audio is not in English, naturally).

    The link below is an example of one of the YouTube videos:

    Try various keyword searches in YouTube, and you can find many videos from these various shows.