Thursday, November 22, 2012

Models Crossing the Gender Divide


You already know about Andrej Pejić and Stav Strashko, the pretty male models who model womenswear.

Well, I just learned about a female model, Casey Legler (above left), who models menswear.

And a 72-year-old Chinese grandfather, Liu Xianping (above right), who models womenswear for his granddaughter's boutique.

Yes, Ray Davies was correct: boys will be girls and girls will be boys.


  1. Hi Stana, great posts this week. Love your experience at the conference last weekend. I saw the item on the Chinese grandfather on the news last night and wondered where I'd see it listed on our community sites. Congrats, you're frt again.
    Love the new format with Femuated pics. Today's reminds me that there have been very few published recently. Will you and Marlena work your research magic to update us on this aspect of our community?
    Thanks for creating and maintaining this forum.

  2. Dear Stana,

    Yes, isn't it lovely to be transgendered? I think it's lovely that "boys will be girls and girls will be boys". One of the many wonderful aspects of Atlanta's annual September Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) is that there are many FTM (Female-to-Male) Transmen (girls will be boys) as well as MTF Transwomen (boys will be girls). The 2012 SCC Conference Chairman was Blake Alford, a wonderful and extremely interesting Transman.



  3. Alice --- I do have some new womanless images from Marlena that I will share here soon.