Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wednesday On My Mind

I am still thinking about my wonderful day at work en femme on Wednesday. Some of my co-workers were still talking about it on Friday and I had some requests to share my photos. I gladly shared my photos with my co-workers and I am also sharing another photo with you here today.

One thing I did not mention is that early on Wednesday, I ran one of my thigh highs. I noticed the run when I sat down in my cublicle that morning. It started at the elastic and ran down half way down my calf. I probably started the run when I was getting dressed hurriedly in my closet at home.

I did not have any nail polish with me to stop the run from running, but it seemed to stabilize and did not get any worse as the day progressed.

 I only mention it because the first time I dressed at work en femme, I also ran my hose and was so concerned that I went out during my lunch hour to buy a new pair of pantyhose.

This time, it did not concern me and I did not let it ruin my day. But next time, I will carry extra hosiery in my bag.


  1. Must be mighty tempting to talk to HR and start full time at work Stana!! I know I would be if I had gone to work dressed. I am living as a woman mostly but not at work and besides my kids that's what scares me moat...

  2. Just a note to let you know that both Norton and McAfee Are giving warnings about your site and putting full screen warnings on the screen when trying to access you. May pay to get your site checked for virus.

    PS I love your site and check it regularly but kind of shy about posting comments.

  3. Maybe I'm paranoid (just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you) but when I'm out I now always carry spare hose in my handbag

  4. Stana,
    Thanks for posting your account of your Halloween day at work. Your workplace must have a lot more fun people in it than mine! Also, your desk appears to be a lot tidier....
    Seriously, if the pictures are anything to go by it's hard to see how your co-workers could fail to be impressed.