Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Femulations

from Smashing the Binary

Bopping around the Internet this afternoon, I came upon a couple of websites that femulators and gendernauts like you and me might find interesting. (I certainly did!)

* Smashing the Binary

* Van Burnham

By the way, a few of you have mentioned that McAfee SiteAdvisor considers Femulate to be risky. (I would have preferred "frisky," but what can you do.)

So after snooping around trying to figure out what was wrong, I determined that McAfee considers that some of the links listed on the right side of the blog are "risky" because McAfee has not tested them. It assumes the worst, i.e., there is the possibility of a risk even though there may not be any risk at all!

McAfee stands alone on this. I used a variety of other tools to test the website and Femulate received a clean bill of health from every one.

So go figure,


  1. Stana I was particularly impressed with van Burnham who is really at ease with who she is. Wish I had been the same at her age in feeling comfortable with my gender variance!

  2. Paula MindyasAugust 31, 2016

    Why is this photo in my google search, of my photos?... Could you please remove it?
    Thank you,
    Paula Mindyas

    1. Sorry, but I cannot remove the photo from your Google search.