Saturday, November 17, 2012

Would you believe Plan C?

Getting ready to attend tonight's One Big Event, I decided to break in the new color block pumps I decided to wear.

Turns out they were more comfortable than the leopard print pumps I originally intended to wear, but not by much. Considering I will be wearing high heels seven to eight hours tonight, I decided to opt for Plan C, i.e., a more comfortable pair of heels.

I rummaged through my shoes and found a pair of strappy silver sandals that will go perfectly with my silver accessories.

This morning, I took the color block and leopard pumps to the Post Office and they are now on their way back to Shoe Dazzle.

I also stopped at Rite Aid to pick up a set of stick-on toe nails. The sandals expose all my toes, so I have to make them look pretty.


  1. Looking pretty is always number one and very, very important for us, at least it is for me!

    I also feel your choice of the silver sandals is very good. I'm sure it'll work out well.

    All the best at the One Big Event! Do take plenty of pics and write some. I can't wait!

  2. hee hee.. a girl needs many plans! :)

  3. Might be a little cold here in twin cities, Minnesota for open toe pumps this time of year. Will be about 45 tonight. At least no snow on the ground!

  4. Janet --- It was in the low 30s last night in Hartford.