Saturday, August 25, 2012

I See Girly Boys


I refer you two videos featuring males who are so feminine that it makes a femulator want to trade in her Jimmy Choos for Birkenstocks.

The first video features model Stav Strashko wearing a string bikini in a Toyota commercial. I recommend reading Mary Elizabeth Williams' commentary that accompanies the video.

The second video features model Andrej Pejic in interview mode. It is four months old, but I just discovered it a few days ago. I originally viewed it with the sound off and was very impressed how feminine Andrej's mannerisms seem to be. View it with the sound off and perhaps you will agree.


Before I finalize my plans for attending simultaneous conferences in Atlanta next month, I am trying to figure out how to divide my time between the ham radio conference and the transgender conference (Southern Comfort).

Should I stay in the ham conference hotel or trans conference hotel? The conferences are 25 miles apart on opposite sides of Atlanta, so I have to choose carefully.


Just a thought... Monday I have jury duty. Should I go en femme?


I just moderated a comment on a July 2007 post titled "feminine skirts and dresses for men." Would you believe that that post has 172 comments? By far, that post has received more comments than any of the other 2,271 posts I have published here in 5-1/2 years.


  1. Jury Duty:

    Two questions:
    (1) Do you want to serve or not? Having our sympathies on a Jury could be real life-saver for many suspects. If not you can always wear a pro Gun, or Clint Eastwood ‘Hang em High” tee-shirt.

    (2) What are your local ordinances for being out at an official government setting like a court room, while “Disguised”. For I believe our dressing as our feminine sides, would be, could be construed, as being in Disguise. Are their any,legal issues, with your Femself using which bathroom, once you out yourself. For you will have to out yourself, the papers you fill out, the database they used to select you will have one sex or the other selected. If you appear in the other gender, questions will be asked, that you will need to answer honestly.

  2. Very clever add. I could see this having a very negative effect on American tv as those NASCAR dads wriggle in discomfort in their lazyboys...what a great mental challenge on how we perceive gender!

  3. Jury duty en femme? That does seem like a way to make a dull day more interesting, but, girl, you do like pushing the envelope, don't you!

  4. Southern Comfort Conference is primarily a social event. There are sessions and vendors during the day, sure, but the primary interaction is throughout the hotel during the five days.

    The experience of being with 700 other "gender gifted" people in the same room for dinner is transformative, and having to think about getting back to another hotel will really limit you.

    You have been to plenty of HAM conventions, but never to an SCC.

    You deserve to have that experience as a gift to yourself.

  5. Before going to jury duty enfemme, take into account your state's stance on transgender protections. If you're fortunate enough to be in a state where there are protections, definitely go for it. I have.

  6. Go for it on Monday. You'll do fine.
    If I were you going to Atlanta with 2 places to attend I might try for a middle ground or being closer to the place that gives me the most pleasure and activities.
    Enjoy your time.

  7. Jury Duty --- It is a moot point.

    In Connecticut, you call the court the night before your jury duty to find out if you are still needed as a juror. I called and it turns out that "all jurors are cancelled" and I will not have to appear on Monday.

    By the way, Connecticut is very supportive transgender-wise and I can pee in the bathroom of the gender I am presenting as.

  8. I would stay at SCC. The hotel is beautiful and everything is right there. Would be much easier to interact with the others most of the time and would be no problem to leave for short periods to attend HAM meetings. Evenings are the best...

  9. I'm glad your jury-duty issue has been decided for you! True enough, Connecticut is very supportive of transgender persons and you seem to have very few problems regarding that particular.

    As for the SCC and the HAM radio things in Atlanta . . I do not pretend to know your goal, or goals.

    Personally, being cross-dressed I would spend my time close to the men, but that's just me! So long as you have fun, what you choose to do is none of my business!

    Enjoy, Stana!

  10. I've stayed at The Georgian Terrace hotel in Midtown Atlanta, literally the midpoint between your events. Nice place with lots of history and even kitchens in some rooms (Publix grocery a block from the back door).

    The primary drawback is that, like all Southern cities' urban cores, the neighborhood is deserted/creepy at night and on weekends. That may or may not be an issue for you, but, given the dominant demographic of the locals, I wouldn't suggest femulating on the streets around The Terrace.

  11. Rats... I want to be called for jury duty.
    Being retired it would be something to do during the day, as long as it wasn't a criminal trial.

    I would love to see how they deal with a trans-woman on the jury. :)

  12. I think one side or the other would probably have challenged you on jury duty, peremptory if they had to. Which side depends on the case. I would HOPE they would think you did it to get out of jury duty. We know you wouldn't, but them....

    The commentary on the Stav ( he's gorgeous!) video is pretty shrill, questioning why it is not shown in the US... but as comments below show, that Toyota model is not marketed here... kinda a key point?

  13. Stana,

    State court in Ct. may be the best venue to show up dressed for jury duty. I do not know about the criminal side but on the civil side the lawyers meets with each separate juror in a private setting/room. I suppose the concept is that they do now want one dumb comment from one potential juror to poison the entire panel as I have seen happen in other jurisdictions.

    In the concept of a civil setting the attorneys may find other reasons for using a challenge on you before they get to the attire issue.

    Just because there was no jury call this time does not mean that you will not be called again in the future.