Monday, November 26, 2012

Out Tuesday

I will spend Tuesday en femme.

In the morning, I plan to go shopping. First, I have an appointment at my favorite wig store to get a new do. Afterwords, I plan to visit a local consignment shop that specializes in clothing for voluptuous girls.

In the afternoon, I will attend two Human Sexuality classes at Southern Connecticut State University to do outreach.

After outreach, I may get a bite to eat if the weather is cooperative. (Snow and rain showers are in the forecast for Tuesday.)


  1. Stana -

    You must send me information on the consignment store if it carries big gal's sizes. I might want to stop by on my next trip through New England.


  2. Marian --- It is Goddess Plus Size Consignment in Waterbury, CT. It is located less than a mile from I-84 Exits 25 or 26. Here is their website:

  3. Have a nice day out, a rainy day enfemme is better than a sunny day endrab!

  4. Thank you Stana,
    I have said it before but it merits repeating, I think that your college outreach sessions are wonderful for a number of reasons. I wish I could joing you. Your work makes the road so much more pleasant for those who follow.
    For now I may try to take your tip to visit Goddess Plus.

  5. Not really familiar with CT but Irenes Lingerie store is owned and operated by a lady named Christine. She is a wonderful lady, caters to the TG world. She has helped me beyond words and I support her business. Not sure if Whiting is around you but stop in and say Hi and you will find a true friend. She used to be on the west coast but moved back east (our loss your gain)

  6. Paula --- I agree - a bad day out en femme is better than a good day out en homme!

  7. Pat --- The main reason I do outreach is to try to inform the uninformed that we are human beings just like them, not some freaks of nature.

  8. Mabe --- I shopped at Irene's before Chrissy moved to the West Coast and I have shopped there since she returned. Her shop is about 15 minutes from my home.