Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plan B


If the shoe fits, wear it. If the shoe does not fit, wear it anyway.*

I revisited my Shoe Dazzle purchase more carefully last night. Wearing knee-highs. I tried on both pairs again and it was apparent that the leopard print pumps were not a good fit.

Yes, I could squeeze my feet into the shoes, but the fit was tight and from past experience, I knew that I would not be comfortable for long wearing them.

I will return the leopards to Shoe Dazzle and wear the color-block shoes to One Big Event Saturday night. The color-blocks are roomier than the leopards and will be a more comfortable choice for the long evening of dining, dancing and schmoozing.

Buying shoes from Shoe Dazzle is a crap shoot. Eleven is the largest size they sell and that is the size I order; sometimes the fit is fine and sometimes it is not. Luckily, shipping and returns are free, so the experience cost me nothing.

* – The old philosophy of a long-time femulator, who has finally wised-up.


  1. I have to get a new LBD for it, my old LBD is starting to get a little worn out.

  2. Purchased a pair of pumps from Naturalizer on sale, the shoes were to big. Thought about putting some tissues in the toe to help downsize them. That idea was not very good. Could not return the shoes as they were 1. mail order, 2. on sale no return. But was able to sell them to another girl in my support group. The shoes fit her fine. The size was 9 Wide, but the fit was more like 9 1/2 Wide. The girl I sold them to wears 9 1/2 wide so worked out for both of us. :)

  3. I have given up buying shoes over the net as it takes the whole fun of shoe shopping away! Every so often, I need a shopping day to myself and that always means that I will be spending significant time in DSW, Nordstrom Rack, etc. trying on many pairs! There is nothing better than having found the perfect pair, or two, and walking out of the store knowing that they fit perfectly. Like you, I am a size 11 and I am so happy that that size is becoming so much easier to find!