Thursday, November 1, 2012

Woman at Work


Yesterday (Halloween), I went to work en femme.

Above is a photo of me seated in my cubicle. I will post more words later and maybe another photo or two.


  1. Details girlfriend we want all the juicy details!!!!

  2. Looking good. Bet you wish you could do this all the time.

  3. Stana
    Congratulations on a fantastic day enfemme. You have evolved into beautiful women over these last few years. As I have said, the art of being a woman takes work and dedication and you are proof of that. You are also a great role model for the transgender community. Showing everyone how “normal” we are. You did some great outreach.
    You bosses comments were wonderful, what validation, from another woman. The fact that the Presidents administrator didn’t realized you were male was extraordinary, what it must have meant to you to be accepted unquestionably as a woman by another woman in a professional environment. I use to dream about such things and I am sure you have also. Yesterday those dreams came true for you and you sister from Femulate were there with you

  4. Marian --- You said it!

  5. Paula_56 --- Thank you for the very kind words!