Friday, November 23, 2012

Stana in the News

Out of the blue yesterday, I received an e-mail from Femulate reader Victoria asking if I had seen my photo from One Big Event in the print edition of the Hartford Courant.

I don't subscribe to the Courant, so I missed.

Victoria and my friend Robin kindly scanned the pertinent page of the newspaper (page D6 of the November 20 edition) and e-mailed their scans to me (see above).

Wow! I guess this is a milestone of some sort. And it is definitely so cool to have my en femme photo published in the oldest continuously-published newspaper in the USA!

By the way, the Courant published other photos of the event online.


  1. I also think it's cool to have your "en-femme" photo published! You look lovely. Good for you, Stana.

  2. You seem on the edge of 'single name' recognition.
    There was Frank, Judy, Liza, Cher, Madonna...
    Now there is Stana Stana. You may need to give the 'single name' concept some thought.

  3. Pat --- I like your idea!