Monday, September 5, 2011

When Wigs Were Wigs

I bought my first wig from Frederick's of Hollywood, how about you?

(As always, click on the image for bigger hair.)


  1. Remember the "Wildflower" from K-Mart? The only other person I saw wearing it was a 18 year old waitress, and I knew her own hair was a little too punk to keep the gig.

  2. My first wig was given to me. It was like brand new and I saw a neighbor (an older man) putting it in the trash. He asked me if I wanted it. It served me very well for a very long time, lol!

  3. My first and only wig was purchased about 1975 and was a dirty blonde chin length BOB--very tailored feminine put together look. I was dressed as a male but there was no double in my sales lady's mind that I was going to wear it and she encouraged me to try it on, which I did. There was one other woman customer in the shop at this time and sales lady commented "oh I just know you're going to have fun in that one. Her comment and smile made my week-month. It was about $100.00.
    But not long after that I began letting my own hair grow and am able to style my own hait in a similar BOB. Only my wife ever saw me in my wig. Love, Jaye Anne

  4. Though, in my younger days, Frederick's, was very much a source for not only wigs and our necessary enhancer, their clothing was a huge draw. But, "my" actually first wig was one that was a hand me down from my ex's father had given to her (I'm not sure why, other then there was this big thing in her family about being able to change hair styles at the drop of a hat. Finally I did coerce my ex-wife in to buying one specifically for me. And at of all places Kmart. I remember it well, it was called Farah.. Yes, Farah Fawcet, (god rest her soul). (remember the famous photo and her all to famous hair with it's layered curls?!) I had to have it!

    Previous to that and marriage, it was always my moms. She'd had a few for similar reasons, they marketed convenience back then.

    Thanks for sharing and all that you do! for those of us who really appreciated a femulated lifestyle

  5. 1 or 2 from the Eva Gabor collection but they neve fit well...
    When ebay was good (1999-2004) I got many wigs from VegasGirl Wigs out of Las Vegas. (wiglady1 on ebay...still selling!)
    There was a great wig shop in Alexandria, VA run by Koreans who didn't care who bought their wares.
    That shop burned down...never knew if they relocated since they did not rebuild.
    Alana-Brianna White

  6. I hate to show my age, but it was red and from Lee's Mardi Gras on 14th St in Manhattan.

  7. jessicaash@aol.comSeptember 05, 2011

    I still remember my favorites, the Bridget (a long gypsy shag) and the Sharon 2 (long pageboy with bangs) from Kmart, loved the look of both of them! Love your blog as well!

  8. Yes It was from Frederick's A blonde Farrah F. type.

  9. I have got my wig from a flee market. I have some problems with it because I need to give an appropiate care to the wig I don{t know how to. I need to femminize myself more to wear it in a more comfy way, (shave it accurately) as I would. I have wore it but not always try even thoug I am in female clothes. This is the problem with my wig....

  10. Anonymous --- Regarding your flea market find, here are some tips concerning wig care and wear: