Thursday, September 15, 2011

One-Person Department

Over the years, my company has downsized to the point that I am now a one-person department (in contrast to the four-person department I joined when I was hired 14 years ago).

In one way, it is a good thing. As the last person standing, it indicates that someone thinks I am a valuable employee. I will probably have a job as long as the company exists. (And despite the sputtering economy, my company has done well, so its future prospects are very good.)

On the other hand, as a one-person department, I have no back-up. When my department has to make an appearance or put out a fire, I am the one who makes the appearance or puts out the fire.

My boss informed me two weeks ago not to make any plans this week because all the company bigwigs will be here and that I had to absolutely be here Thursday to demo a website I am building for some of the bigwigs.

The ham radio groups I am involved with are co-sponsoring a conference this weekend. I had planned to go and attend the conference en femme, but I had to forget about it because my one-person department needs me.

I hate it when that happens!


  1. This is the group Stana has gone to before right? You'll be missed. I mean, you're a big percentage of the women who'd be there!

  2. Good for you! Stay strong and don't lose your grip and become one of the weak employees!

  3. I was hired more than 10 years ago. Now all the people in my dept. are in their 20s...except me (and one who's quitting next year). Amazing that there are so my people unemployed.....or is it?

  4. You're doing the right thing, and that is one reason why you're still employed.

    The whole situation sounds familiar. When I started here, we had 5,000 people. Now we're down to 160 or so. One small part of my job used to take a department of 4 people. Phew!

    Still, I'd rather be busy and employed than the inverse.

    Love that stock photo by the way! Cute skirt and gorgeous shoes!! :)

  5. Meg --- I am most definitely a big percentage.

  6. Ham operator? How do the other amateur radio folks respond to you? Where was the meet to be?

  7. AAHron Hardcastle --- All my ham radio friends and acquaintances have been remarkably supportive. The conference was in Baltimore.

  8. That is pretty amazing Stana. My dad attends ham meetings in the Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas area and I am pretty sure you would not be well received by him or most of his acquaintances. Of course I am speaking of the south.

  9. You have to work to shop. What I could see of the pics, you have nice legs, skirt, and shoes. Go girl!