Saturday, September 17, 2011

In the News

Two stories appeared in Saturday's Mail OnLine that may be of interest to you.

Why I let my son live as a girl: Mother of boy who returned to school in a skirt bravely tells her extraordinary story

He walked out of the school gates in July as a boy wearing trousers, polo shirt and trainers, and returned in September, with the school’s agreement, as a girl.

Read the rest of the story here. (Thank you, Accro, for alerting me to this story.)

'I always felt more feminine than male': Poland's Next Top Model favourite tells judges how she was born a hermaphrodite

With her flawless skin and versatile look, it is little surprise that Michalina Manios is a favourite to win Poland's Next Top Model.

Read the rest of the story here.


  1. I also read the story about Levvy, too, and thought it was about time! IMHO, those who think/feel contrary need professional help! I'm planning to read about Michalina Manios.

  2. Hi Shana,

    Thanks for the moving story of Ivvy!
    Its is a shame how people still react, really outrageous how the so called 'normals' try to define what the norm should be. Glad that Ivvy's parents do accept her like she is and give her love and respect. I hope one day we will all feel free to be what we want to be and how, and be respected as such. Thanks again for you liberating open blog. Love and warm hugs!

  3. Beautiful stories, Stana! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for posting these stories, as well as all of your excellent work on this site. I enjoy reading most of what you have posted since discovering your site several weeks ago, but have not yet worked up the courage to leave the lurker-shadows and peek out. By the way, I stumbled across the site, and thought of you.

    Warmest regards!

  5. Try this one, also very moving and filmed beautifully.