Monday, September 19, 2011

Day of Hearts: Day of Femulations


“Originally, Hartjesdag (Day of Hearts) was a festival celebrated on the third Monday in August in the Dutch areas of Haarlem and Bloemendaal and in various parts of Amsterdam, particularly around the Haarlemmerplein, in the Jordaan, and in the Dapperbuurt. On Hartjesdag fires were kindled and children collected money.

“Later it developed itself into a type of cross-dressing carnival, where men dressed as women, and women dressed as men. A typical scene was captured in the oil painting entitled Hartjesdag, by the artist Johan Braakensiek in 1926.

“During the German occupation in 1943, the Hartjesdag was prohibited, and after the war it eventually became obsolete.

“In 1997 a local committee in the Zeedijk, Amsterdam, decided to see if they could revive the tradition. Each year since then, the festival has flourished into a two-day event on the 3rd weekend in August.”

Perry “Meteorry” Tak posted the previous description from Wikipedia to introduce a collection of his 2011 Hartjesdag photos on flickr.

Also, there are over a thousand other Hartjesdag photos in the flickr Amsterdam Hartjesdagen Zeedijk Group Pool.

(Thank you, Aunty Marlena for alerting me about Meteorry’s photos.)


  1. Hartjesdag is nice!
    Love that day and go there each time.
    Big party en femme.
    Kisses, Louise

  2. Here is another link care of Aunty Marlena.

  3. Let's see... A makeover @hollandfotostudio coupled with Hartjesdag in Amsterdam in August 2012, who else is going next year?