Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anybody Else See This ?

Wednesday evening, I was sitting in front of the television while I was answering e-mails on my computer. I was not paying close attention to the television, which I think was tuned to ABC.

An advertisement came on for a new television show, a situation comedy. The ad showed a male and female in conversation. The female said something (sarcastic?) about the male's clothing choice. Next thing you know, the male was wearing a dress, and the female said something sarcastic about him wearing a dress.

It happened so fast that I missed the name of the show and I am not sure what I really saw.

Anybody else see this? Or was it just my 'magination?


  1. Trish MifflinSeptember 24, 2011

    I haven't seen the promo, but the show is called "Work It." It's a "Tootsie" type premise about a guy who's forced to crossdress in order to get a job as a pharmaceutical rep.

    Gee, why don't I ever get offered a job like that? ;)

  2. Trish MifflinSeptember 24, 2011

    P.S.: After looking at the clip on ABC's website, if they put the funny parts into that promo, the show looks about as funny as a root canal ...

  3. I did not see it but it was probably a promo for WORKIN IT; a show about 2 guys who pose as women to get jobs.
    It's a midseason replacement show on ABC.

  4. I dunno. I've seen the promos and videos for "Work It" and what I saw on Wednesday night was nothing like "Work It," but I could be wrong.

    Where's my time machine when I need it?

  5. And you said you don't remember your dreams. :D

  6. I believe you saw the preview for Happy Endings:

  7. Happy endings

  8. happy endings, wednesday @ 9:30 Eatern ABC

  9. Yes - it was "Happy Endings." I found the promo at the link Anonymous posted above.

    Thank-you all for helping solve the mystery!