Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dan - the Woman

Irishman Dan Mooney is writing a blog detailing 366 new things to do during his 26th year (plus one day) on the planet Earth. Thing 296 is to "dress as a woman."

He enlists a "cavalry" to help and the results look passable. And to test his passing ability, "she" goes bar-hopping.

(During the femulation process, Dan even goes so far as to look up on the Internet how to create cleavage and proceeds to tape up his shaved chest according to the directions. I wonder; such attention to detail awakens my trans-radar.)

Anyway, you can read all about it here.

(Thank you, Amanda, for alerting me to the story.)


  1. He looks like a) he's had some practice and b) he's rather good at it! Any excuse!

  2. Dan makes a very good looking woman! We should all be so lucky as him.

  3. She looks good -- too good, in fact, for me to think this is her first or only time. But no matter, it looks like some welcome positive publicity. - Diane

  4. At this time, you've caused five new comments to this post! Your readers are making themselves known.