Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got Dress, Part 2

The dress I ordered from Ideeli arrived today only five days after I ordered it online.

They shipped the dress in a cardboard box rather than a plastic bag that many online/mail-order retailers use.

Inside the box, there was a heavy duty clear plastic bag containing the dress on a heavy duty plastic hangar.

Examining the dress, I thought it was quality clothing (Ellen Tracy is the brand) and might even be a good fit.

I stripped off my clothes, slipped on my shapewear, and slipped on the dress. It was a perfect fit! Yay!

According to Ideeli's size chart for Ellen Tracy dresses, size 14 should fit me. That is the size I ordered (and as luck would have it, it was the only size they had left for that dress style).

I only own one other size 14 dress and it is a snug fit; most of my other dresses are size 16, so I did not have high hopes that the 14 would fit.

Overall, I was very happy with my purchase from Ideeli and I won't hesitate to order from them again now that I know I can trust their size charts.


  1. Coingrats my dear, I am happy for you!
    You will look great for sure,


  2. So when do we see some photos?

  3. I too look forward to photos, mt experience tells me that teh more I pay for clothes the smaller the size thats fits

  4. My wife gave away one of her favorite old dresses recently. It was a size 8. I remarked that it would probably be marked as a size 6 these days.

    She told me that she read that several men's brands are now marking trousers with waist size 34 as a size 32. They're referred to as "manity" sizes. She loves that term.

    Of course, you have to post pictures of you in the new dress very soon.

  5. There will be photos as soon as I wear the dress en femme.