Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hanging Chaz

Writing here about Chaz Bono and the effort to hang him out to dry for his Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) stint is like preaching to the choir. I am sure that most Femulate readers support Mr. Bono and hope he does well on the television show, so there is no need convincing you that his DWTS apperance is a good thing.

However, you may want to show your support in a public manner by going to the Vote For Chaz Bono on DWTS Facebook page. (If I still had a Facebook account, I'd do it in a New York minute.)

Anyway, in my opinion, anything that mainstreams transgender folks in a positive manner is a big win for the transgender community. The fact that this mainstreaming is occurring on a very popular television show is even better. The more people who see Chaz on DWTS, the more opportunities there are to convince the civilian population that transgenders are just plain folks who are no stranger than Buzz Aldrin, Bristol Palin, Lance Bass, Margaret Cho, or any of the other diverse cast of characters, who have appeared on the show.

And maybe next fall, DWTS will have a male-to-female transgender compete on the show. My toe should be completely mended by then!


  1. I am pleased to see your blog about Chaz. I have heard him speak on a few interviews and he is well spoken with a nice combination of his father's sense for subtle strength and his mother's in your face candor.
    Often family members of the dancers will attend the show and it should be interesting to see if Cher makes an appearance.
    Even more interesting will be if David Arquette's sister Alexis makes an appearance.

  2. I couldn't agree more. In the media world, negative publicity is still good. Watch the ratings score high for this show. Hopefully, once the curiosity factor levels off, others will see just the man/entertainer in Chaz.

  3. Sheesh I simply can't believe all this buzz about Chaz and that none of you get it! Bad press is NOT good press for us and Chaz is, and has been willingly portrayed as the freak de jour! This time it is for DWTS! Only thing better for them would be if he grew a set of tentacles or a second head, bit the head off a chicken and then became pregnant with an alien baby!

    I wonder, do you think he has discussed any of those options with his agent? Would certainly rake in way more bucks!

    Frankly most of the transsexuals I know are livid about Chaz and that included both brothers and sisters! Enough already about poor Chaz! Chaz came from deep pockets and he certainly did not have to go public with any of this! But if he was then he certainly should not have done it mid transition!

    Don;t kid yourself for one minute! This was a calculated choice by CHaz to maximize the prurient factor and yes, Chaz is milking that part of it for all he is worth!

    With "spokesmen" like Chaz on our side as the face of trans, who needs enemies?

  4. I went to the Facebook page and it was as I suspected.

    I am reminded of a song by Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth":
    "What a field day for the heat.
    A thousand people in the street.
    Singin' songs and carryin' signs.
    Mostly say, 'Hooray for our side.'"

    Encouraging everyone to vote for Chaz because he is, "one of us" before anyone has even seen him dance is asking for special treatment. If trans people want to considered normal then don't expect to be given something because of your trans status.

    If Bono actually won the whole contest simply because enough sympathizers voted for him, what would he, or you, have won?

  5. Anonymous --- The "Vote For Chaz Bono on DWTS" Facebook page is intended for moral support to counteract the transphobes and other phobes, who are trying to get him removed from the show; it is not a vote on his dancing abilities.

  6. I think you were channeling me when you wrote today's title. :D