Friday, November 6, 2009

who are you?

Yesterday, Calie wrote about who reads her blog and it got me thinking about who reads my blog.

Google Analytics provides a lot of information about the readers of my blog. For example, it informs me where you come from, how you get here, what you read here, how long you stay here, etc., but it does not tell me who you are.

So, it is time to conduct a poll to find out who you are. The poll starts today and runs for a week, so please vote, but please only vote once.


Viewing the early results, I should not have used "transperson" in the first two selections. So, please ignore the word "transperson" and just consider the selections "male-to-female" and "female-to-male."

(Once the poll starts, I can't change anything, otherwise I would.)


  1. Susan McDonnellNovember 06, 2009

    DzieƄ dobry Staci,

    I voted "Male to Female" and transsexual (non-op). I think we have a lot in common.

    I really like the term "femulate" a lot. I'm sure that describes me somewhat as well, but I’m not sure how good a fit it is. I too feel that I am a woman in my head. If I had my life to do over again, I’d probably work harder to transition. I’ve made a lot of choices like you did that don’t allow me to do that now. I’ve been married for twenty years now and don’t wish to mess that up. She is very supportive, but wants me to keep at least one foot in the closet. When we travel together, I get to me Susan as much as I like. We’ve been shopping, out to the theatre, and to restaurants as girlfriends. She does not want our 19-year-old son to know. He does not deal well with change.

    I wish I could wear that outfit on “Femulate Her” today, especially the boots and hose. That dress, while lovely, would not look good on me.

  2. So looking forward to your poll results and analysis. Your numbers will be so very big that I think there will be some real conclusions to draw from them. Thanks!

  3. More monochromatic on your "femulate her." And the right neckline too. Love it!

  4. Susan --- Some days, I wonder if "femulator" still applies to me, too!

    I have a dress similar to today's "Femulate Her" dress. I've worn it with black pantyhose and tights. It is one of my favorite dresses.

  5. Petra --- I am looking forward to the results, too.

  6. JamieLin --- I love it, too, and I actually own one that is similar.

  7. I also have a similar dress, although longer length, with a good bit of glitter that draws many compliments as the holiday party season progresses.

    Re the Mom thought I should have been a girl and so I dressed like my sister a lot until I got to late grade school age.

    Really confused adolescence.

    I had girlfriends who like having a boy friend who liked to spend part of the time looking like a girl.

    Going off to university was supposed to end those desires.

    Not so.

    But luckily I found a soul mate who I would marry and who understands that a little bit of both genders in a mate is a good combination.

  8. Great idea! I may steal it from you. With your kind permission, of course!


  9. Staci, with your huge readership, this is fantastic. I am very interested to see your poll numbers.

    Now, please tell me where my Montana reader is :)

    Calie xx

  10. i have also voted male to female and femulate is a great term for me.i dress every thursday and i belong to a meetup group here in new york,and i have been going out dressed for ten years and the thrill of being a woman in the city always excites me.phylisanne

  11. Calie --- Maybe I should do a state poll! :)

  12. Phylisanne --- I went to a Thursday NYC meetup at Nowhere back on June 11. I wonder if you were there?