Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my reputation preceded me

Last week, I ordered a pair of shoes from Payless ShoeSource.

Via UPS, I tracked my shoes' progress cross-country to my local Payless store and they arrived midday yesterday. I planned to pick up my shoes today during the lunch hour.

At a quarter past high noon, I drove to the store, parked the car, and walked inside. A woman was at the check-out desk paying for two pairs of shoes. As I waited, I jealously admired her black patent high heel pump purchase in size 8.

When she was done, I approached the check-out desk and the sales rep looked at me and spoke my male name while reaching under the desk to fetch my shoes. I was in boy mode, so using my male name was appropriate, but how did she know I was the person collecting the online shoe order?

I have seen that sales rep in the store a number of times. I believe I purchased women's shoes from her while I was in boy mode on at least one occasion, so maybe she remembered me when she saw my name on the order.

I imagine I am memorable; how many males come into the store, admit they "do drag," and proceed to try on all the woman's shoes in size 11? Not many, I imagine.

The store is on the way to university where I will be doing outreach on Tuesday, so if I have time, maybe I will stop in and let her see how I look wearing the shoes en femme.

By the way, the shoes are very nice and very comfortable. I tried them on when I arrived home and wore them for about a half hour without any foot issues.


  1. Every day is an opportunity for outreach. Well done. Nice shoe too. Enjoy!

  2. You can do that--order from Payless on line and have them sent to a local store for pick-up? You have no idea how often I've seen shoes on their website that I wanted but couldn't find in the stores...but I can't have them shipped to my home!

  3. Petra --- I love doing outreach!

    Dani --- Yes, you can order online and the shoes are shipped free to your local Payless store. If you have them shipped to your home, you pay for shipping.

  4. That is so great! I just signed up at the Payless site. You have made my day!