Tuesday, November 17, 2009

femulating in the shoe department

Femulators tend to have bigger feet than the females they are femulating. Those of us in double-digit women's sizes discover quickly that the selection of shoes is limited.

Recently, I checked every store in a local mall and only found two stores that carried women's shoes in sizes larger than 10: Payless and Sears.

I had better luck online and here are the stores I found that have larger sizes in women's shoes:

BarefootTess.com: up to size 12 15

DesignerShoes.com: up to size 15

dreamshoes: up to size 16

DSW Shoe Warehouse: their search engine goes up to size 15, but it found no women's shoes in sizes 15 or 14 and only sneakers in size 13. The selection started improving at size 12 and smaller.

Endless: up to size 16

Gwyneth Shoes: up to size 15

outletbuy.com: up to size 17.5

Payless ShoeSource: up to size 13; I have bought a lot of shoes from Payless (online and in store) and some of my purchases are the most comfortable shoes I own.

Zappos: up to size 16; I have made two purchases from Zappos and have no complaints. They are fast and they pick up the tab for shipping in both directions!

(Thank you Paula for a correction and an addition.)


  1. Don't forget sexyshoes.com.

  2. I'm an 11 WW and have found nice (and comfortable) shoes at Shoe Mall (http://www.shoemall.com/womens-shoes/) and ShoeBuy (http://www.shoebuy.com/).

  3. Size 12-13 here. Have found Payless to be my fav store. No hassle, ave even bought heels in male mode and had the clerk comment how cute the pair I picked out were. Can't beat there BOGO sales either

  4. I'm a size 11 and buy most of my shoes at Payless or Target. I've occasionally found some at Wal-Mart.

  5. I like Dreamshoes because they have shoes made for a man's foot so no more guessing on sizes and the width is correct. Look for styles "up to 16WW."

  6. Ug. Size 14w here and I find that even armed with the list of places you mentioned, it's still tough to find boots and pumps/slingbacks that don't reek of CFM.