Thursday, November 12, 2009

something new

I never got the hang of painting my finger nails. I tried many times and seldom were the results satisfactory.

As they say, "practice makes perfect," and I imagine if I painted my nails more often than once per month, I would get the hang of it.

And if I lived en femme 24/7, I could paint my nails at my leisure and the results would eventually be fabulous, but I am usually rushing to get ready to go out en femme and there is no leisure time. So, I have a collection of fake nails at my fingertips to fulfill my needs.

Most of the time I use Kiss pre-glued, stick-on nails. Using Kiss pre-glued nails, my fingers are "painted" in less than five minutes and the glue is strong enough to keep my nails "painted" for days afterwords (as long as I avoid soaking my hands in hot water, which is how you remove them).

As I have mentioned a few times already, I am attending a semi-formal event on Saturday night and I plan to wear a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals (my intended footwear appears in the accompanying photo). Except for a few thin straps, my feet will be very exposed, so that calls for some toe nail painting.

The only thing worse than my finger nail painting is my toe nail painting! I can count the times I've painted my toe nails on one hand or should I say "foot." It is not a skill that I have had time to acquire.

However, while stocking up on some fake finger nails recently, I noticed that they now sell fake toe nails, too. And Kiss even sells a set that matches my Kiss fingernails, so I snapped up a set the last time I was out shopping to wear Saturday night.

I was a little fearful that the size of the fake toe nails would not match the size of my real nails, but when I got home, I checked and the fake nails are large enough to cover my biggest toe nails.

So, I will be trying something new when I go out en femme on Saturday night.


  1. Staci-Lana - I too am a big fan of the Kiss pre-glued. Great looks, value and re-usability. Glad to know they make a toe nail set too. Did you consider a trip to the salon for a pedi and paint session? Just curious.

    Love the shoes btw... Have a great night out.

  2. Petra --- No, I have never considered a visit to a salon to get my nails done mainly because most of my outings en femme are short term.

  3. But.... no-one's going to see your toenails. I've had mine done a couple of times, dressed in drab. It's fun and soothing and relaxing.

    The first time, I had the polish on for over a month before I had to remove it because I had to take a winter business trip to Puerto Rico and there was a chance I might be walking barefoot on the beach.

  4. Meg --- It is definitely something I will think about!