Thursday, November 5, 2009

not amused

The current issue of New Yorker contains a trans-related cartoon.

It depicts a fellow driving down the road passing a warning sign on the side of the road. The sign has the silhouette of a deer standing on its back legs, wearing a skirt and high heels, and reads DEER XDRESSING.

I thought the cartoon was dumb and lacked the quality of cartoons that usually appear in New Yorker.

I was not insulted because the cartoon poked fun at the trans, it was just not funny. The magazine has published cartoons in the past that poked fun at the trans that were funny, but this one was not.

For example, the following is based on a cartoon the magazine published a few years ago. I thought it was much more amusing and witty than this week's offering, but your mileage may vary.


  1. I don't know. Maybe it was a poor presentation, but it sounds kinda witty.

    By the way, I love the "femulate her" today. I'm a big fan of monochromatic in any color. That sweater dress is gorgeous although a better collar's in order. Seems a shame covering such a pretty long neck.

    If only for one day. . . Sigh. It's just not fair.

  2. JamieLin --- I guess I just didn't think it was up to snuff with their usual offerings.

    I love that sweater dress, too!

  3. I've got an entire book about cat joke in the NewYorker magazine, and it was either only two were well drwan or only two were funny, and the book feels long considering it's only a few pages. They make a lot of bad choicesin my opinion

  4. Must have been a slow day....but didn't the Yankees win? Holy Cow!....Rita

  5. Rita --- Sorry, I don't follow Yankies. Did they win something?