Friday, November 13, 2009

my take on the poll results

Again, I thank you all 642 of you who responded to my Who Are You poll.

The Results

Most of you (61%) identified as crossdresser; male-to-female transperson followed at 34%, then came transvestite (23%), transgender (22%), and the relatively new term, femulator (19%).

Thirteen (2%) identified as gender performers with 0.9% in the drag performer category and 1% in the impersonator category.

Ninety-five (15%)identified as transsexual and that broke down to 7% in the pre-op category, 7% in the no-op category, and 0.7% in the post-op category.

Only one person identified as a female-to-male transperson.

Ten percent identified as admirer, 6% as just interested, 5% as just curious, and 2% as other.

One percent identified as being related to a trans-person with 0.6% identifying as a significant other and 0.6% identifying as a other relative (not-SO) of trans-person.

For the full results, go here.

My Comments

There is probably a lot of overlapping between categories, for example, a no-op transexual may also identify as transgender and male-to-female trans-person, etc. Despite the potential for overlapping, the poll results still are valuable.


Despite the rumors of the demise of the term transvestite, 23% still identify as such.

The number of admirers, just interested, and just curious (23%) responding to the poll was a little surprising. I am not sure how I intended to differentiate just interested and just curious; it seemed to make sense at the time I composed the poll, but that sense escapes me now.

I was very surprised by the number (19%) who identify as femulator, which is a relatively new term invented here. Your acceptance of that term warms my heart.

The number of relatives of trans-persons responding to the poll (only 1%): I thought/hoped that more relatives came here to be informed about the trans-person in their life, but I guess not.

No Surprises

The dearth of genetic women, female-to-male trans-persons, and post-op transexuals responding to the poll: I just don't cater to those groups.


The poll affirms who reads Femulate and I promise to continue to cater to that audience.

By the way, I welcome your comments on the poll especially if you see something I missed. My head is full of cobwebs this morning after surviving a nasty lay-off at work yesterday, so my thinking is not as acute or cute as usual.


  1. Bravo! (with the emphasis on the bra)

    One thing that I would love to know is how many participants selected multiple categories. Not sure if your polling engine allows you to analyze at that level (i.e. how many crossdressers also selected femulator).

    My inner statistician is curious about these patterns. Plus sexy librarian / lab assistant is one of my favorite looks. :)

    In any event, thanks so much. One small poll for trans, a giant step for transkind.


  2. Petra --- I wish, but the poll engine does not support analysis at that level.

  3. those percentages add to well over 100% were we allowed to chose more than one category?

  4. Elaine --- Yes... at the top of the poll it read (Select All That Apply).

  5. read the instructions? not so much, lol

  6. Staci,

    Thanks for running the poll. I only selected "crossdresser", but could have chosen
    "femulator" as well (I, like Elaine, didn't read the instructions). If there is a difference, I think a crossdresser could be satisfied looking any old way, as long as women's clothing was used, while a femulator always tries present herself in the best possible way in honor of the women she knows, she knew, or may someday meet. Anyway, that's my take on it.