Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saturday night photos and Windows Live Writer

CDJanie started using Windows Live Writer to compose posts on her blog.

I was impressed with its image-handling capabilities, so I could not resist trying out the software myself. Downloaded, installed, up and running, I am using Windows Live Writer to compose this post.

IMG_1250aIMG_1253a copy

To test out its image handling prowess, I have inserted and manipulated two more photos of me from Saturday night.

The software offers some cool imaging options. So I added drop shadows and tilted the photos. That was easy!


  1. Very nice. They look great and really adds class to your blog... of course you already had class, I didn't mean to suggest that it was classless... I had better just stop now.

  2. I was testing out a Mac and looking for blogging software when I found Live Writer. There's nothing comparable on the Mac, to my knowledge. PC beats Mac in blogging software. Who'd 'a thunk?

  3. cdjanie --- I use a Mac most of the time and have not found anything great in Mac blog software. But I like Live Writer, but I have to use it on a PC. Can't win them all!