Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's wash

Lots of stress around here these days, but none of it is trans-related.

I have not femulated in over five weeks; a day out en femme would sure take my mind off all the mundane matters that are a bother these days. But I am in transhibernation until September when the weather is more compatible with with the wig, makeup, and the variety of foundation garments I wear in order to present as a member of the distaff side of the family of man.

To tell you the truth, this summer has been unseasonably cool and most days, I could have gone out en femme without working up much of a sweat. But I know if I plan a day out en femme next Tuesday, Mother Nature will crank up the temperature and humidity to 99 and I will be a wet tranny mess. So, I will play it safe and continue hibernating until Labor Day.

Actually, I lucked out with the weather last month. When I planned my Womanhattan trip, I worried that it might be too hot for Staci in The City in mid-June. But the weather has also been unseasonably cool in Zip Code 10001, so Secret had me covered for my NYC adventure.

Meanwhile, I await the mail order catalogs and the fall fashions to keep me in a femulating mood for the next five weeks.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the fall fashion mail-order catalogs late this year? By now, I am usually drooling over all the fall stuff I'd like to buy and narrowing my choices down to a few must-have to-die-for items. But nothing.

My favorite on-line coutures (Spiegel, Newport-News, Metrostyle) are still pushing summer stuff (at some great prices, by the way). I assume sales are down as a result of the hangover from the "Bush Era of Prosperity" and they want to get rid of as much old stuff as they can before they bring in the new, but I am getting a little anxious.

I hope you like today's cartoon. (Actually, I hope you like all my cartoons.) There actually is a little truth buried in today's 'toon. Halloween 1983, we were invited to a costume party and the Missus and I reversed roles; I went as she and she went as me and we helped each other fine tune our costumes. I passed, she didn't, when a young lady in a cat costume at the party asked me why I was not wearing a costume.

And so it goes.


  1. Staci - Iteresting thought, we bring the best of both worlds. I still have not told my employer. I am thinking they will be aware of it in the near future though. Summer time I normally wear shorts to work and this year my legs are shaved. Thanks to the "cool summer" you referenced that has not been an issue, yet.

  2. Tonya --- Shaved legs might be a giveaway, but then again people might think there are other reasons before they conclude that trans is the answer.

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    I have left my legs smooth the past 2 summers. I am a addicted to the tanning lights, so I also have a dark tan. I use moisturizer daily, so there is always a bit of a shine on my dark legs. Even though I haven't been able to dress up in over a month, I still feel femme. No one has ever said a word to me. No one has seemed to notice my legs are shaven smooth feminine, or if they do, they just ignore it.

  4. AnonymousJuly 24, 2009

    Re: the cartoon - I'm a man who loves wearing pantyhose, panties and high heels. My most secret desire is for my wife and I to switch places for a sexy and romantic day together - spend the afternoon dressing as the other sex, an evening romancing and seducing as the other would, and a night loving each other as much as our wildest imaginations would allow! I'm crossing my silky long legs that it happens some day!!