Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, Monday

Mondays after long weekends are hard.

* * *

Yvonne e-mailed me yesterday with another addition to my Famous Females of Height list: 5'9" actress Julianne Nicholson from the television series Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Meanwhile, I was surfing television channels and ran across a film starring Italian actress Claudia Cardinale (that is her photo on the right). She looked tall relative to the male actors in the scene I saw and I remember her as always being statuesque in all her films. I looked her up and she is 5'8" tall, so I added her to the list, too.

* * *

One thing led to another and I was on YouTube viewing videos of Woodstock performances that did not make it into the film. I was particularly interested in Creedence Clearwater Revival because Creedence was one of my favorite groups and I saw them perform at Woodstock. Since they were not in the film, I enjoyed viewing their Woodstock performances again a few weeks shy of 40 years later.

During my search of YouTube for Woodstock performances, I came across a video of Bert Sommer. I recall the name from way back when, but I was unfamiliar with Sommer's work had missed Sommer's performance at Woodstock, and I was not even sure if the name "Bert Sommer" was the name of a group or an individual, so I viewed the video to see what I missed.

Turns out Bert Sommer is an individual, but when I started watching Sommer's YouTube Woodstock video, I thought Sommer was a female. Sommer looked like a female and sounded like a female, but he was male (died in 1990), so I wondered if he was trans. I cannot find anything on the Internet indicating he was trans, so he probably was not.

I can't find a thing on the Internet indicating he was trans. I know that just because a male looks female and sounds female, he is not necessarily trans, but it did make me wonder.

* * *

I can't help it. Being trans something or other, I often wonder who else is trans.

Clean shaven, long haired males are always suspect. Actors who do a lot of drag are also suspect (John Ritter and Harvey Korman come to mind). Guys who are interested in other guys who are trans or do drag make me wonder, too.

And so it goes.


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2009

    I can't believe this: it's like we lived parallel lives. I was at Woodstock too -- missed CCR, but still love them as a group. That and many other things we share.... (age, background, likes etc)

  2. Happy Monday Staci!

    Your mention of Harvey Korman brought back memories! Many lifetimes ago I was a cable installer down in beautiful Santa Monica, and I got to install service in the Korman household. Harvey was on location somewhere, but I had a wonderful chat with his wife, who was a lot of fun to talk to! She took me down into his study, and asked me to connect the cable to the television there. It was rather obvious that something terible had happened, as evidenced by the large hole in the front of the picture tube. I started to explain that I couldn't be sure the cable worked properly with the TV being broken, and she stopped me with a laugh, explaining that Harvey had gotten *very* frustrated when he missed getting nominated for an academy award and had kicked the TV in frustration, She lightly touched my shoulder, and assured me that she was sure that everything would be just fine when the TV was replaced. I chatted with her while I made the connections, discussing his movies and things that they had done together. That was one of the most enjoyable mornings I had that year!



  3. Staci,

    You may also want to consider adding Arianne Cohen to your list. She is the author of "The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High".

    At 6'3", she is a smidge taller than I am in stocking feet, and had a nice article in the Oregonian a few days ago.

    Hugs again!


  4. If you don't already have a copy of Fogerty's "Premonition" album, hit Amazon. He does a lot of the old CCR stuff, some newer songs, and a clean rendition of the bootleg cult hit "Almost Saturday Night".

    I was shocked when I picked up the new Fogerty album last year to find the Fantasy Records logo. Hell must have frozen over. :)

  5. Deborah --- I arrived at Woodstock late Saturday morning after walking 10 miles. Saw most of the Saturday show and left after The Who set as dawn was breaking. I was deathly ill and had to get out of Dodge ASAP, so I missed the Sunday show. I still have the uncollected tickets and 50 feet of Super 8 film that I shot during that adventure.

  6. Linda --- Nice story! When I began reading it, I expected you to reveal that you found a stash of Harvey's dresses in a closet off his study!

  7. Linda --- Thank you. I will add Ms. Cohen to the list ASAP.

  8. Roscoe --- I don't have Premonition, but I do have later releases that seem to duplicate the content of Premonition with a mix of old, new, and live stuff.

    Regarding Fantasy Records, I guess the change of ownership made the difference.