Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

Tuesdays after long weekends aren't much better than Mondays after long weekends except that they are not Mondays.

* * *

You know how they say that styles repeat themselves. I've been dressing en femme long enough that I have seen that phenomena myself with clothing I have worn.

While perusing the Saks Fifth Avenue Web site, I noticed a Diana von Furstenberg dress for sale that is very similar to the dress I wore the first time I went out en femme that wasn't Halloween. That occasion was to attend my first support group meeting over 20 years ago. (see photo)

I loved that dress and now that it is back in style, I would like to wear it again. I just hope I did not discard it or give it away!

I will look for it tonight and if I find it, I will clean it and wear it next time out.

* * *

My blog readers submitted two additions to the Famous Females of Height list:

Shannon submitted 6' Candice Olson of HGTV's Divine Design.

Linda submitted 6'3" Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High.


  1. Terrific dress Staci. I do hope you don't chip a nail trying to find it. DVF just lasts and is always so girly.

    Happy dressing - Petra

  2. Petra --- Sadly, I could not find it. I must have thrown it out. Darn!