Friday, July 10, 2009

raised as a girl

Last night, I watched my favorite television show, 30 Rock.

30 Rock is in reruns and last night's episode was from 2006 and it was one I had seen before and I know I need to get a life.

(Hey, I actually was in the real 30 Rock last month and, darn, I was so busy buying souvenirs in the NBC Store for my family that I forgot to buy a 30 Rock souvenir for myself.)

Anyway, the show opens with a debate between the show-within-the-show's writers and the cast about a skit in which Tracy Morgan (played by Tracy Jordan) will appear in drag. He appears in drag in this scene.

Toofer, a black writer, played by Keith Powell, convinces Tracy that a black male doing drag is a put-down of all black males, so Tracy refuses to do the skit.

The other writers are now upset about the aborted skit, but another cast member, Josh Girard, played by Lonny Ross, steps up and volunteers to do the skit with the comment that "My parents raised me as a girl for ten years."

When the writers look at him as if he just deboarded from a flying saucer, he adds, "I told you guys that."

Next scene shows Girard in drag with the rest of the cast at the end of the show within a show.

30 Rock has had numerous trans moments throughout its run, in fact, in this episode, Tracy Morgan/Jordan appears in drag again and there is a brief reference to Tina Fey's character having some gender issues, but the being-raised-as-a-girl revelation was probably one of the most memorable 30 Rock trans moment... so far.


  1. yes yes yes i always wanted to have been born a girl i was meant and was suppose to have been the girl in my family i was the thrid child in a family of all boys but i always felt female1

  2. i started the show today but i saw josh saying he was raised as a girl and oh my god i love him now