Tuesday, July 28, 2009


While digging the Internet yesterday, I viewed some photos of the costumed attendees at this past weekend's San Diego Comic Con. As an old comic book and science fiction fan, as well as a costume maker and wearer, I find the work that some of the attendees put into their costumes amazing.

Looking at the hundreds of photos online, my T-Dar kicked in and I believe I spotted a few males in female cosplay costume.

I have seen males in female cosplay costumes on a handful of occasions in the past, but it seemed to be more prevalent at the Comic-Con. This piqued my interest, so I decided to investigate and it did not take long to find out about the phenomena called "crossplay."

According to Wikipedia, "crossplay is cosplay in which the person dresses up as a character of the opposite gender." It is more popular with female cosplayers, but it is has picked up momentum among male cosplayers, too.

I poked around the Internet to find out more and a simple search of flickr on the word "crossplay" turned up 1200 photos like the one of Steve (above) dressed as a maid (note the convincing cleavage).

I also found a forum on Cosplay.com that reminds me of the forums I've seen on crossdressing Web sites covering such topics as how to tuck (for guys) and how to bind (for gals), how to add curves (for guys) and how to hide curves (for gals), and for guys and gals both, which bathroom to use?

Sometimes, it seems like I live in a cave and have to get out more. I knew nothing about crossplay until yesterday and now I am fascinated by the subject.

Although teenagers and young adults seem to represent the majority of cosplayers/crossplayers, older adults are participating, too. So, my age would not prevent me from crossplaying and the best part is that I would not have to dress my age!


  1. Staci,

    You don't live in a cave, just a slightly repressed western society. Check out the cosplay in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. That is where I first read about it. Sadly I did not get to check it out in person (kids in tow) while I was there. Sex and sexuality is viewed quite differently Japan. It did seem that the younger men, with feminine features, used makeup and hair products were quite sought after. It was a very interesting trip, I hope I get the chance to go back some day.

  2. Lynn --- I'd like to visit Japan someday (soon), too!

  3. I've never been, but I've heard that Dragon Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend has a lot of crossplay. Unfortunately, the place earns the nickname "Hotlanta", and temps/humidity there can be brutal.

    I don't know how the leather and latex crowd handles the big fetish trade show here in Tampa every August.

  4. Take at look at 6'1" Mana, here:

  5. I am a USA crossplayer (male-to-female), and I would say that about 5-6 years ago it started getting more prevalent (at least that is the consensus that I got from talking to people). I remember at A-Kon 18, there were some, but not that many, but for the last several years there have been more M-to-F crossplayers. Of course, I notice the MtoF ones more; some are hard to spot and you have to look close, but some are very obvious about being a crossplayer. I myself, when done up correctly, are harder to spot and people are surprised when I open my mouth to talk (need to get the voice thing down).

    I now see a good amount of M-to-F crossplay at major conventions and even a fair number at small local conventions. I also notice more F-to-M crossplay at cons, and I think F-to-M has been going on a bit longer than M-to-F, but has also seen its rise along side M-to-F. Of course the motivations for crossplaying are numerous, but I only see it increasing. I don't think it will ever reach more than a fraction of the total cosplay population, but it certainly is coming in from the cold to become part of the mainstream cosplay community. Sure, there are some haters, even at conventions, out there, but 99.9% of people I have had contact with at cons are very supportive and encouraging.

    I also sew all my own costumes, and I try to get as close as possible to the character as physically possible. They must look good, because I have people wondering if I commissioned them from a pro (I should start taking commissions myself!).
    Ah, that reminds me! I gotta make a Sweet Lolita here (and yes it is an "outfit" and not a costume (as in a real Lolita outfit and not cosplay-Lolita).

  6. Anonymous --- The acceptance of crossplay in the cosplay community is inspiring and gives me hope that crossdressing will be accepted in general society someday as well.