Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson biographer: Jackson “dressed as woman”

(updated below)

Two weeks ago, I wondered here if the late Michael Jackson was trans. Here is an article that offers more evidence that maybe he was.

By the way, the author of this article, Matt Kailey, got it right, i.e., if a man wears woman's clothing, it does not mean that he is gay (NTTIAWWT).

He also writes, "It is important to keep in mind is that any speculation about Jackson’s gender identity is not a negative thing. If Jackson did, on occasion or even frequently, dress in women’s clothing, this is not a bad or negative occurrence, and it does not cast a pall on his memory. It is not wrong or bad to be a crossdresser or to be a transgendered male-to-female."

Read the rest of the story here.

UPDATE: I fixed the broken links to the article mentioned above.

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