Friday, July 17, 2009

stirred, straight up, with a twist

I discovered a very interesting blog called "Stirred, Straight Up, With A Twist" that "celebrate the gods and goddesses of celluloid and vinyl, with nary a trace of elitism: Jeffrey Hunter or Cary Grant; Eydie Gorme or Maria Callas, we worship them all, and accord them their proper place in the pantheon of greats."

TJB, the brains behind the blog, has a great sense of humor and decorates the blog with fantastic photos from 1962 (give or take a decade).

If you are (like me) a femulator who likes glam (isn't that redundant?), visit TJB's blog.


  1. Very Poirot.

    Very Bertie Wooster.

    Love it.


  2. Good Morning!

    That's a very interesting, and somewhat curious site! I did enjoy looking through it and loved the old pictures. Brought back a lot of memories.

    I would be most appreciative, and honored, if you would consider adding my somewhat new blog to your list, this can be found at:

    After tweaking and touching up the format, I finally think that it's about ready for prime time.

    As always, thanks for all your great work!


  3. Thanks for the endorsement! Hope you continue to enjoy the blog. As dear Lina Lamont would say, "If we've brought some joy inta yer humdrum lives, our work ain't been in vain fer nuthin'! Bless you!"