Thursday, July 16, 2009

the bathroom debate

Today's installment of Salon's "Broadsheet" tackles the great trans bathroom debate and asks its readers, "Are single-sex bathrooms prudish, antiquated and insensitive to trans people? Or are these spaces still necessary to protect the privacy of both genders?"

The responses are interesting and most seem to favor allowing transwomen in the women's restroom.

One of the best comments (IMHO) came from For Heavens Sake!, who wrote, "Doesn't it occur to these people that these 'dangerous sexual predators' that they fear so deeply right now have *gasp* access to the men's room-- where presumably they can freely molest the innocent sons of God-fearing Christians? I mean if it really is so dangerous to pee, it should be dangerous right now, donchya think?"


Meanwhile, back in Transphobialand...

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  1. Staci - This seems to be a "hot topic" in my part of the world as well. Thank you for bringing it up. I know my wife has a problem with trans people in the ladies room. She is getting better regarding the subject and she understands why we use the ladies room. Based on personal experience, go in do your business, wash your hands, and get out ... never had a problem myself. I am a bit of a "rookie" though.