Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you a Peggy or a Joan?

Today's installment of Salon's Broadsheet asks "Are you a Peggy or a Joan?"

After reading Broadsheet, I had to find out for myself and generated my own Mad Men paper doll here.

On the right, are the results, i.e., the way I would have looked circa 1960 working for a Madison Avenue advertising agency. To tell you the truth, except for the hem line, it is very similar to the way I look today en femme.


  1. O Staci, what a find, and what a great diversion. So nice to visit a past life ... I am quite certain that I lost my leopard pill box hot in a horrible coat check pile up the day Sputnik went up. Thanks and again, thanks...

  2. Really fun. I have tried several different incarnations of past lives.

    BTW, your Femulated column other day had the Japanese singer/actor Gackt. I don't know if you have looked at his photos, but he is a regular chameleon. Cornrows, blue eye contacts, blond hair, brown hair, black hair, long and short hair. His publicity photos show a very soft and feminine side to him. Google his photos and you will see. I think you called him an 'ace femulator" and he is that. He is blessed with a very good facial structure.

  3. Show the world whether you are a Peggy or a Joan.