Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Staci

Dear Staci,

Is your female persona different from your male persona. If so, what are the key differences?


Hi MonicaM,

There is not much difference between my female and male personas. People who know both tell me that I am the same in male and female mode.

I know I do not act any differently in male or female mode. I am the first to admit that I am not a typical macho guy and when I was growing up, some of my peers let me know about it.

A telling moment occurred many years ago when I went to a Halloween party in college dressed as a woman. One of my classmates, who knew me well commented that it had never occurred to him how naturally feminine my speech and mannerisms were until he saw me dressed as a woman. And so it goes.

Best Wishes,


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  1. Staci - I recently had some "musings" on my blog regarding the differences between "Tonya" and "him". I have not had the chance to speak with anyone, other than my wife, regarding how different I am when dressed. Thus far, I am in agreement with you; I am pretty much the same in either mode.