Sunday, March 3, 2024

Tucked or Untucked?

Source: JustFab
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Jonny Beauchamp
Jonny Beauchamp femulating on television's Katy Keene.


  1. If that is a question to solicit comments, here it goes. I am primarily an in-home crossdresser who suffers from the curse of height. I only wear dresses and avoid dresses that have a define waist. Such dresses give the same appearance as a elderly man yanking his belt up to the nipple line. Consequently, I wear empire waists, wraps and sheaths that eliminate that look. Empire waists also eliminate the need to strictly confine that family jewels when at-home. If I go out for the evening a simple control panty is sufficient to eliminate a bulge. There is a downside, if I was to strangle the equipment.

  2. There's a lot of big hair and bling in that waiting room!! It looks like you're having quite a bit of fun with these AI posts:)