Saturday, March 9, 2024

Joe Biden to trans Americans: “I have your back!”

Joe Biden tells trans Americans in his State of the Union address: “I have your back!” Click here to read more about it.

Meanwhile, nothing but bad news from his predecessor and his ilk. 


Thank you for your birthday wishes. 

I had a great birthday. My family took me to the casino and I came home $600 richer! Followed by dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants! Cake and more gifts at home. And lots of love.

What a great day!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Zach Cregger
Zach Cregger (right) femulating in television's The Whitest Kids U'Know.


  1. Inquiring minds want to know: What did you wear to the casino?

  2. Sorry, Stana, I didn't know it was your Birthday, so from me , belated best wishes. I think you came back a lot richer than $600, It's just a pity you had to go in drab, but now you can buy a couple of really nice dresses.

  3. Happy Birthday Stana! Bdays are special and should be celebrated with a new outfit and a photo shoot!

  4. I follow the comments and I am concerned over the lack of responses to your very appropriate posts involving the very negative political climate involving ALL transgender folk. Regardless, keep up the good work and you are and should be a powerful influence to us all! Rest assured, if you are trans or a cross dresser, the haters are coming for you.

    1. I think Stana knows she is preaching to the choir. Thus, a lack of comment?On another site on which participate there are many comments by members of not saying anything when friends and family make make hateful comments. That's when the voices need to be raised, and letting legislative representatives and local executives know your position. Too many think he or she will be "painted" as "one of them."

  5. Happy Birthday Stana, and deposit your chips at HRO and Boston Proper Hugs Brenda

  6. Happy Birthday Sto-lat Paula G

  7. Stana, did you know Joseph A. Reid III? He died on Feb 27 age 84. Apparently he was very big in ham radio.

  8. Happy B-Day (belated) to you!! Until I came across your website and similar sites, I always had difficulty accepting that this is "The Real Me". Born male, by the age of 3-4 years of age, I have always felt I should have been female. Growing up in the period of time Joe McCarthy era and my Dad was a target of these witch hunts, I was strongly told never say anything to anyone that could cause problems. Choosing to keep my feelings hidden, I thus lived in fear of ever appearing not "masculine" (the accepted norm - I thought). Suffering major depression much of my life, 68+ years later, I have finally got the needed counseling rather than drowning in Big Pharm and street drugs. With a wonderful counselor helping me with acceptance, I spoke for the first time to her realizing "I am transgender and have been all of these years". I read your posts now and the replys along other sites. I feel like I am just starting to live unchained - though many issues still await. My B-Day gift to you is "Thank you with with big hugs". My darkness of depression has finally started to diminish and I'm starting to feel a bit more whole. I always knew my name - Jennifer Renee S.....