Friday, March 8, 2024

Male Woman

73 today and counting

Today is International Women’s Day

As we prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day, our resolve to keep pushing for gender equality is stronger than ever. And we won’t stop until girls and women are equal everywhere.

That’s because equality is her birthright, enshrined in the UN Charter, but it isn’t her reality. Despite some progress, there is no place or part of life where a girl or woman has the equal rights or opportunities as a boy or man.

As a male woman, I am very sympathetic to these goals. Though some would say that I have “male privilege,” I would argue that male women are treated worse than cisgender women and I yearn to achieve the same equality sought by women.

Even living much of my life disguised as a male, my natural femininity marked me as less than a man and I was treated accordingly by both males and females. 

Living as a male woman is an improvement. Living as my true self, females seem to embrace me as someone who had joined their team. On the other hand, some males treat me even more poorly than they did when I was in my male disguise. I am sure that all male women have had similar experiences and also long for gender equality.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Bud Flanagan
Bud Flanagan femulating in the 1946 British film Here Comes The Sun.


  1. Sorry, Stana, but you lost me on that one, positively dizzy after reading it twice. Please have a beautiful day.

  2. Are men more afraid of a “male woman” than woman are? What are they afraid of? Are we weaponizing Transgender these days for a fraction of the population and thus causing more anti-transgender bias? In Canada, the woke government has put female menstruation products in mens washrooms across all their buildings. This has angered many straight people to have negative thoughts against the trans community. They have not forced any special washrooms. Am I wrong in thinking that men have the issues not woman and these men are the ones making up the laws against them? Most trans I think want basic equality rights and to be left alone rather than protesting for special privileges like free pads. There will always be trans activists and Drag is more acceptable now than before but its become a regular news item and in a negative way. Equal rights is what they portray when seeking votes then shift to gender bias when in power because thats what voters want…..does the average blue collar worker trying to-put food on the table worry about the guy dressing like a girl for Halloween at head office….no…..I doubt it but I hope they see how beautiful she is that maybe they too can unleash their feminine side.

  3. Happy Birthday. I'm right behind you. Will be 73 at the end of May. Wish you all the best and continued good health. Randi

  4. Liis ThornbergMarch 08, 2024

    Stana--Congratulations on your birthday. I am a little less than a month older than you. You are a breath of fresh air and a lifeline for me. I may present as male, but I dress as female underneath and love to cross-dress when I get alone time. Not sure what labels apply, but I do know that I am gender non-conforming. There is so much relevant material on the internet that is at least undignified and very trashy at the extreme. It has taken me a while to find people like you and I try to emulate your behavior. God bless you Dear. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to visit the Cape for the Provincetown Pride.

  5. Happy Birthday! Happy Women’s Day!

  6. Happy Birthday Stana.
    Penny from Edinburgh.