Wednesday, March 13, 2024


Exótico Pimpinela Escarlata
Maybe I need to get out more, but here is something I never heard of until Michelle alerted me about it: professional wrestling in drag! Evidently, exóticos are a thing in Mexico.

According to Wikipedia, Exóticos are male wrestlers who appropriate feminine aspects in their wrestling personas or “gimmicks” – through feminine costumes, for example, “contesting the dramatic representation of machismo” and successfully unmanning their opponents in the ring while also “rejecting the outward signs of manhood.” Though exoticos may not necessarily be gay, they often are, and their sexual ambiguity is undeniable. Attired with feather boas, headdresses, sequins or stockings, they defy a religious Latin culture that is ardently macho.”

Reminds me of Gorgeous George, a mid-20th Century American professional wrestler who used feminine gimmicks. For some reason, my mother enjoyed George’s antics. She also liked Liberace. Did her fondness for the effeminate have anything to do with my effeminate nature? 

Source: Sherri Hill
Wearing Sherri Hill

Pasión Kristal
Exótico Pasión Kristal


  1. Sandra BridgesMarch 13, 2024

    Speaking of Liberace...
    This came across tiktok last night.

  2. In Britain, there was a Welsh wrestler (who later moved to the US), Exotic Adrian Street who was basically the British exotico, although basically fell into this by accident, the son of a mining family initially going as Kid Tarzan, he was mocked for his pretty looks, and decided instead to use these to his advantage, eventually honing a glam rock look, with feather boas and glitter, and long blond hair. As the years went on, he went from being merely androgynous to getting more gender non conforming (although he was straight, married to his valet Miss Linda), becoming this wonderfully grotesque image of genderfuckery, known as 'the Sweet Transvestite with a Broken Nose'.

  3. Well, you learn something new every day! Thanks for alerting us to another femulating phenomenon from round the world, Stana. Femme expression is found everywhere and in so many different ways. Sue x

  4. Gender Identity: Some wrestle with it; others use it to wrestle.

  5. I adore that Sherri Hill dress...and just about everything I've seen from that company💗 Oh, to be able to wear a prom dress everyday...

  6. When My son and his wife were stationed in El Paso, the big thing in wrestling -- many call it "rasslin'", saving the actual word for the collegiate/Olympic style. Back then the big thing was the masks the Mexican rasslers wore, and my grandson had collection of masks. I wonder what his reaction to this new trend would be???? By the way, I remember Gorgeous George and even saw him perform at a DC arena. He put on quite the show, prancing round the ring until he saw his opening and pinned his opponent.