Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Ham Radio Funny

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Kay Unger

Maeghii: Brother and sister (in one person)


  1. I guess am like the individual in the "Ham Radio Funny" where the person looks feminine but has the voice of a man. At choir practice at church on Wednesday I was wearing a maxi dress, low heel "women's" dress shoes, along with painted fingernails and makeup. I was dolled up much more than any of the women (I consider myself a man). I have beyond shoulder length hair and a noticeable bust.
    And yet for one song I rumbled out a basso profundo part as I sing second bass. If someone didn't see me (s)he would assume I was a tall bearded masculine looking man.


  2. Love the label in Morse !!!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! Now to figure out what it says...

  3. Stana, A funnier one would be the check in for the 80m old fellas prostate net on 80m. Dayton has some great Drag clubs. We need to put a list of Booth Babes together for the Tran-Sisters and Tran-sverters booth. High Heels and Field Day. Hugs B

  4. The Funny photo makes me think of my ideal career: TV meteorologist. What a perfect way to combine my passions for weather and women's wear! To get to dress like those intelligent and lovely ladies each morning, every day would be blue skies and sunshine☀️👗👠

  5. Love the code message at the bottom of the Ham Radio Funny pix !