Monday, March 25, 2024

Future "Men" of the House

Recommended Reading: The Gender Refugees

When the Andersons fled Iowa City in 2022, they joined a growing group of American families escaping states that have become hostile for transgender communities. Where do they go from here?

By Jess Swanson

Nora Anderson has left a lot of places. When administrators forgot to unlock the only unisex bathroom at her high school in Iowa City, Iowa, the transgender 15-year-old (who felt uncomfortable using the girls’ restroom) got picked up by her parents so she could use one at home or a nearby grocery store. After a classmate suggested starting an “anti-trans club,” she transferred out of the public school system and switched to homeschooling. Nora couldn’t even get a German pastry at the farmers market without a blonde middle-aged woman shouting, “Look! There’s a boy in a dress!” She left without buying anything. Then, in 2022, the governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, aired a campaign ad saying, “We still know right from wrong, boys from girls.” Nora and her family no longer felt welcome—or safe—in their home state. So they packed up and moved to Portland, Oregon. “It’s pretty sad having to leave all the time,” Nora says with a sigh.

Refugees flee war, violence, conflict, and persecution. They are displaced families who have lost their homes in battle. They are environmental migrants forced to escape famine due to historic droughts. They are not, as we traditionally think of them, American families driving SUVs cross-country. Though the Andersons didn’t flash their passports at the border or submit to questioning by immigration officers, leaving Iowa meant they joined a growing group of so-called gender refugees escaping states that have become increasingly hostile for the transgender community.

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  1. Tragically trans people are leaving my native Ohio for the same reason. The larger metro areas of the state are accepting but the political party not called Democrats has heavily gerrymandered the state and they have dominated, But we (trans) are becoming more vocal and are fighting back.

  2. At birthday party for our grandchild I encountered a family that left Texas because of the hatred shown to too many peoples, trans or otherwise. The mother explained, although neither of their children are trans, she did not want to raise her children in a environment of intolerance towards others, especially raising her son in an environment disrespectful towards females.

  3. We are not here to judge anyone! Please please don’t let Trump in again. There will be more chaos.

    1. Wake up America and so called Trump supporters. Do we need a president like him

  4. It's a sad commentary on our country that both trans people and pregnant women have to consider leaving their home states because of oppressive governments. What became of, " nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"? Now we seem to be moving toward an Orwellian world, "On the Animal Farm, all animals are equal -- but the pigs are MORE equal".

  5. Sad for me, as a native Iowan, to read this. Though I've long since lived elsewhere, in the late 90s Iowa City was among the earlier municipalities to enact considerations for gender variant folk. Made me very proud then. Looks like the culture war garbage has taken its toll...

  6. Such a sad situation. I'll never comprehend this hatred that some people have for others­čĺö