Friday, March 29, 2024

In Her Shoes

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

William Bendix and Dennis O'Keefe
William Bendix and Dennis O'Keefe femulating in the 1944 film Abroad With Two Yanks.


  1. My wife started wearing chunky stacked high heels so I did too

  2. OMG!..不不不不..Funny! wife has called me a lesbian for 30 years不不

  3. When my wife and I had "The Talk" she said to me "If I wanted to be married to a woman, I would have married a woman!" She has female friends who are married to other women, but it's "NIMBY!"

  4. I may be a transvestite, but I adore women. I love making love to a woman. That woman is my wife and I love making love to her as a man. What will never change.



  5. William Bendix as a femme!!! Is it Hallowe'en?? Ha! It's interesting that America never blinked about men in drag "back in the day". They regularly showed up in movies. I often saw crossdressers out and about in the vicinity of DC's gay bars back when I was a kid in the 1950s. But things got seriously reversed in the late 1960s, and drag was put in specifically "gay" parts of town and our sisters minimized their time outside to avoid harm and derision. And straights who enjoyed drag were disinclined to venture into those places. Hell, many TV variety shows had drag acts, but they disappeared in the same timeframe. I saw T.C.Jones, Lynne Carter and others on TV. If I had been in San Francisco I would have seen LaVerne Cummings. I can't remember the name of those gorgeous tall blonde "sisters' who regularly performed on The Dinah Shore Show. Gone. Only now with the help of RuPaul have our sisters made a small comeback.

    What was it that caused such a turnaround? If it happened during McCarthyism I could understand it better, but that evil monster had been put down years before drag was forced into dark corners. I hated that The 82 Club became a Rock/Punk/Glam music club and female impersonation went away. NYC had to wait a long time before Lucky Changs opened up and we had a drag club that attracted "civilians" again. And now that drag is beginning to mainstream, the naysayers are once again taking aim at our entire community. Bullies always attack small, unprotected victims, don't they?

    Who knew William Bendix in all "her" splendor would unleash such a rant??