Thursday, February 1, 2024

Yet Another Photo

Responding to Tuesday’s post, readers asked about the photo I submitted for inclusion in the Hamvention program when I won an award in 2016. So here is the photo and the accompanying blurb about the award.

The Special Achievement Award recognizes WA1LOU as an advocate for cutting edge technologies that are now commonly used in amateur radio. Stan authored five books and wrote over 1,200 pieces for the ARRL and TAPR while evangelizing the use of home computers, packet radio, APRS, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) in amateur radio. Licensed in 1969 as WN1LOU, Stan has sampled almost every entrée on the ham radio menu and served in a slew of roles including Section Manager of Connecticut. Presently, Stan is a director and secretary for TAPR and serves as editor of TAPR’s newsletter (PSR). “LOU” has driven the 735 miles to Hamvention most years since 1978 and looks forward to doing so forever. “My fondest memories of ham radio are rubbing elbows and making friends with the makers and shakers of our hobby who show up at Hamvention every year.”

Back at work after returning home from Hamvention, a woman in my group who works from home e-mailed me to ask about my vacation. I told her I went to Hamvention and took home the Special Achievement Award.

Ten minutes later, she e-mailed me that she had never heard of it, so she looked up the Hamvention website and saw the write-up about the award.


If she saw the write-up, she must have seen my photo next to it. But she did not mention the photo, so I assumed she was being polite and did not want to embarrass me.

She is a good friend who I have known for years and I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable, so I e-mailed her back, “I guess the cat is out of the bag.”

Her response was vague, so I asked her if she saw my photo.

“No, I didn’t see your picture. I saw the photos of the other winners and I was looking for yours, but I did not see it,” she replied, “Let me look again.”

Fifteen minutes later, she wrote, “OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t find you. I was staring at this beautiful lady and didn’t see you! Duh! YOU are the beautiful lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! I was staring at your photo for like 10 minutes… Damn, your presentation is amazing!”

And so it goes!

Source: Elisabetta Franchi
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

Sven Schelker
Sven Schelker femulating in the Swiss film The Circle.


  1. “being recognized“ to be seen as the person who you really are when that happens for the first time or anytime. It’s amazingly satisfying and validating. Paula G

  2. Melissa RobertsFebruary 01, 2024!

  3. What a well-written piece for the Hamvention -- totally devoid of pronouns! You're a good writer.

    I've had several people see me "out of context". Most have been fellow ushers from where I volunteer. I don't pass well, if at all. But when Mikki is heading out I always tell myself, 'OK, this is who you are tonight, so go for it". Most "sightings" were at the (dearly departed) Hippo Club for a drag show. I just plopped down with them as if they'd known Mikki for years. I got almost no comments about my appearance except about my hair. It really is pretty when I have a nice 'do. And one lady asked me where I got my dress. Nobody, including myself, mentioned my crossdressing.

  4. Fabulous!! Your colleague said it best. :) A double win of lifetime achievements!!

  5. Stana - you look fabulous